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The Viggle Ai is a Powerful tool trained on the JST-1 model to generate 3D-Videos from your images and characters motion videos, developed by Viggle Labs, and now available to download its mod apk pro premium unlocked version for Android, iOS, and PC. Get it now using the below button and Unleash your creativity with the Viggle Ai App.

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Have you ever wondered how You can create stunning videos using images? I think that No, It’s not possible without AI (Artificial intelligence) which makes your work even simpler and faster. As AI evolves, Many tools are launched. Some got huge popularity and some failed without coming into the headlines.

Viggle AI app
Viggle AI app: where a character mix to transform into 3d-video

But, The Viggle Ai, Revolutionary App which which got massive popularity on the internet as well as on social media platforms like X, Instagram, Facebook, Reddit, and more. It’s currently used by 4 Million members because of its stunning features and ability to complete users’ tasks within Seconds. So, download it now from the below button link, and start your journey now.

Additional Viggle AI Info

How To Download & Install Viggle Ai APK?

VIggle AI APK Download
A step-by-step guide to download & Install Viggle AI APK

Viggle AI APK Download Guide Step 1: Open Ur Browser

  • Open Your Google Chrome Browser, and Type “ViggleAiAPK.Com” in the search bar and after that, hit the search button.
  • Once you reach the website, Locate the download button. That will be available above.
  • Now, You will go to the download page where you have to tap on the download link. After that, Downloading will begin. Wait for its completion.
  • You can see the progress of it in your Chrome Browser download section or on the top bar of your menu.

Viggle AI APK Install Guide Step 2: Install Viggle AI APK

  • Once Download is completed, go to your File Manager, Download Menu, and search for the Viggle Ai APK file.
  • After getting it, Tap on it, and after that on the “Install” Options. Now, Installation will begin. Wait for its completion.
  • After completing the Installation, Launch the Viggle Ai App, set up your account, and Generate a 3D video using free credits.

System Requirements For Viggle Ai APK

Viggle AI APK: System requirements for Android, iOS, and PC
System Requirements

For Android

For iOS

For PC

Mechanics Of Viggle Ai: A Revolutionary App

The Viggle is an AI (Artificial intelligence) tool that works on the JST-1 model. Which is the first ever video-3D foundation model that understands your queries to convert into stunning output with a high-efficiency rate and better quality. Just, have to use high-quality images or text prompts to move your characters as you want. After that Kudos, The 3D videos have been generated. You can share it on your social media handles.

Currently, The Viggle Ai App is available for Android, iOS, and web formats that can be used by their users as per their convenience. Also, It has discord servers where you can bring your ideas to life. So, What are you waiting for? Download the Viggle Ai Mod APK and join hands with 4M+ active members to unleash your creativity with the Pro Premium Unlocked version for free.

What is Viggle Ai APK?

Viggle AI APK Official
Viggle AI APK

The Viggle Ai APK is an Android application package that allows you to use the official app in your mobile for free with all the same features and get future updates directly from the developers.

Difference Between Viggle Ai APK and Mod Version?

The Viggle Ai APK is an official version of the app where You have to create stunning video-3D using free credits provided by the app. But In the Mod APK, You will get extra features like Pro features unlocked for free.

So, It’s up to you which app want to use. If you want to experience its full features, then Try the Viggle Ai Mod APK (Premium Unlocked) version app now.

Comparison Of Viggle Ai Normal Vs Pro Version 

FeaturesNormal Version Pro Premium Version
WatermarkCan’t removeNo Watermark
Credits280 credits/month (20 minutes of videos)
3D-Video GenerationNormalPriority
JobsSingle10 jobs at once
Video Duration15 0r 30 SecondsUnlimited Generated Video Duration
CreditCan get more by activating Pro PlanGet more plan

How To Use the Viggle Ai App For Your Work?

There are two different methods available to use Viggle Ai. The first one it’s Android, iOS, and web versions, respectively, and the Second one is through Discord. So, I’m going to share guides for both so that You can choose as per your requirement to get the best from the Viggle Ai App and Use it in your work. So, Let’s get started.

Methods 1: Via Viggle Ai App 

There will be three icons on the bottom of the Viggle Ai App that are as follows 

Viggle AI Dashboard
Viggle AI 3D-Video Generation Dashboard
Viggle AI Pro Plan
  1. Home: You can use this to go to the dashboard of the Viggle Ai App.
  2. Add: Here, You’ll get two different upload options. The first one is “Motion” (Where You have to upload videos of only 30 seconds) and the Second one is Character. 
  3. Pro: On the 3rd button, Where You can unlock the Viggle Ai Or version after Paying $9.99/m.
Viggle AI Important Note
Viggle AI Important Note

NOTE: While Uploading Videos into the “Motion“, You can upload a maximum length of 30 seconds only. Also, Keep an unobstructed format.

NOTE: To get better results from the Viggle Ai JST-1 model, Always use an image format similar to uploaded videos.

Now, Let’s deep dive into creating stunning videos from the Viggle Ai App.

  • Go to the Official Website of the Viggle Ai App using this link: or download the Viggle Ai APK Latest Version.
  • Scroll Down Tap on the “Join The Beta (Web)” button and follow the procedure.
  • You’ll go to the next page where You can use Google and email to create your account. 
Viggle AI
Viggle AI sign-in dashboard
  • After creating an account successfully, You’ll enter the dashboard of the Viggle Ai. Where you’ll get various templates for free which you can mix into your work to get the best results.
  • Now, You can choose the free templates offered by Viggle Ai or you can use your. So, Check both one by one.
Viggle AI Free designed video templates
Viggle AI Characters move

1 – Using Free Available Templates

  • Click on the “Home” Icon that will be available below your screen. Where You’ll get different free templates.
  • Choose one as per your requirement, and You’ll go to the next section where You have to upload your preferred “Image” to mix your character.
Viggle AI 3D-Video Creation Guide
Viggle AI Free Templates
  • After Uploading Your Image, You can select backgrounds as per your convenience such as Original, White, and Green, respectively, and leave the model as default “V2“. 
  • Now, Tap on the “Generate” button, and Wait to see the magic of Viggle Ai.
viggle ai video editor
I have added images and video to move characters
Viggle AI Video Creation: Results

See the output in the given below videos.

Viggle ai 3D-Video Results

NOTE: For every 15 seconds of Videos, 1 credit will be used, and You will get only 2 credits in the free version of the Viggle Ai. So, Use your credit wisely. Also, You can try Viggle Ai Mod APK (Pro Premium Unlocked) to get unlimited credits.

2 – Using Your Templates 

If you don’t like the free templates provided by the Viggle Ai, then you can use your own. Here is a step-by-step guide to use:

  • Click on the “+” icon. After that, You will go to the editor section where you have to upload the “Videos in Motion” and “Image into Character” sections.
  • After that, Choose the background as per your requirement and leave the model as default.
Viggle AI 3D-Video Creation Using Own Templates
Viggle AI 3D-Video Creation Using Own Templates: Adding Video in motion
Viggle AI 3D-Video Creation Using Own Templates: Adding Video and images to move character
  • Now, Click on the “Generate” button to unlock the magic of Viggle Ai.

Methods 2: Via Viggle Ai Discord Server

  • Visit the Official Website of Viggle Ai Using this link. Scroll down a little bit, and click on the “Join The Beta, Discord Server” Button.
  • On the Next Page, You have to click on the “Accept Invite” button and become the family of 4,129,344 members of Viggle Ai.
Viggle AI 3D-Video Creation Using Discord server
Viggle AI 3D-Video Creation Using Discord server: accept invite link
Viggle AI 3D-Video Creation Using Discord server: accept invite link
  • Now, You have to complete basic set-up steps to complete procedures like Viggle Ai T & C, Where Did you find us? And In last, Tap on the “Agree and Continue” Button. kudos, You have successfully joined the Viggle Ai Discord Server.
  • Now, You can choose the “Animate Room” as your convenience among more than 20. 
Viggle AI Discord Server: 3D Video Creation guide
Viggle AI Discord Server: 3D Video Creation guide
  • After that, You will see the “+” icon on the bottom left side. Click on that Type “Slash / “, and Tap on the “Animate” Option. You can choose your images or You can get the prompt from the Viggle Ai website ( ).
Viggle AI Discord Server: 3D Video Creation guide
Viggle AI Discord Server: 3D Video Creation guide
Viggle AI 3D-Video Creation Using Discord server: Promt Copy
  • Use the Link, Go to the Visit, Choose one template, and click on the Copy Prompt option. After that, You’ll get an official notification showing that “Prompt Copied Successfully“. 
  • Now, Paste that Prompt into the “Motion_Promt” and Choose the background color.
Viggle AI 3D-Video Creation Using Discord server: Promt Copied Successfully
Viggle AI 3D-Video Creation Using Discord server
Viggle AI 3D-Video Creation Using Discord server
  • After that, Click on the “Generate Button” and wait for the Viggle Ai magic to begin.
  • After getting the output, click on the “Download” button to save on your mobile phone.
Viggle AI 3D-Video Creation Using Discord server
Viggle AI 3D-Video Creation Using Discord server

Above are the two methods through which you can use the Viggle Ai in your work, and get the best output with high efficiency and quality. So,  Unleash your creativity and generate 3D videos instantly as per your requirement for free.

 Key Features Of Viggle Ai APK

Simple Image To Animation

Generate high-quality and high-efficiency 3D motion videos using your image characters within a second using Viggle Ai, A tool Which trained on the JST-1 model to do your work faster and easier.

Text Prompt To Animation

Unleash your creativity using a text prompt to Animate your characters as per your requirement. Just you have to explain the prompt that you want? And rest will Viggle Ai do. 

User-Friendly Interface

It provides a user-friendly interface to perform better on low-end and high-end mobile devices without any lag problems or issues.

No Disruptive Ads

Enjoy your 3D animation video journey without any disruptive ads in between. That makes your work more simple and faster in all ways.

Psychics-Based Work Mode

The highly anticipated tools of Viggle Ai trained on JST-1 model, and first 3D-Video foundation physics understanding, turning your imagination into any character as move you want.


The Viggle Ai’s sleek design and easy-to-use settings will mesmerize you. That provides easy-to-use features to instantly make your projects into any moveable characters.

Benefits Of Using the Viggle Ai App

Benefits of using viggle ai
Advantages of using Viggle AI
  1. High-Efficiency Rate: The Viggle Ai generates 3D-Video with high efficiency that gives power to your projects after converting into any character as move you want.
  2. Best Outputs: After uploading videos into “Motion” and Image into “Characters” mode, gets the best output from its AI tools. Also, You can adjust the background color as per your requirement.
  3. Regular New Updates: Stay up-to-date with regular future updates directly from the developer to never miss any features and more.

Pros and Cons Of Viggle Ai APK

Viggle AI APK Pros and Cons
Pros and Cons


  1. You can use the thousands of pre-generated templates to animate your characters as you want.
  2. You will get 2 free credits to generate 15 seconds of 3D videos as per your choices. For more, You’ve to unlock Viggle Ai pro features.
  3. User-friendly interface and Sleek design.
  4. Now, Viggle Ai is available in Android, iOS, Web, and Discord Server to provide an unstoppable journey.
  5. Users can use their text prompt in character and motion seconds to generate videos.


  1. Some features of Viggle Ai are still available in the beta version, which means in testing mode.
  2. To generate longer videos up to 20 minutes, You’ve to unlock its pro plan subscription for $9.99/m.
  3. Users can’t remove the Viggle Ai watermark in its free version. For that, You’ve to activate the pro premium plan.
  4. You’ve to join discord servers to animate videos which can not quite be easy for beginner users.

Faqs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How To Download Viggle AI APK?

You can download the latest version of the Viggle AI APK from the ViggleAIAPK.Com website.

Is Viggle AI Free?

Yes, The Viggle AI APK free to use. When you will join this, then you will get 2 free credits through which you can generate 3D-Videos of 15 seconds. For more, You can go with its Pro plan.

How Do I Join Viggle?

You can join Viggle using Gmail, and sign-in using email.

Is Viggle AI APK Safe to Use?

Yes, It is tested by Viggle AI Labs developer. So, the viggle ai apk is safe to use in Android, iOS, and PC.

How To Make Viggle AI Video?

You can make video using Viggle AI after using images, and pre available templates from the Viggle dashboard. Also, You can use your video and images to generate.


The Viggle Ai is the most trending and demanding AI tool powered by the JST-1 model to move characters as you want. Also, It trained on thousand thousands of videos to provide the best output with higher efficiency. You can Animate, mix, ideate, and stylize your characters into any motion video. All you’re going to get is its free version. Also, You can get more after unlocking the Viggle Ai Pro plan.

So, In this article, We have shared basic details of Viggle Ai including its features, how it works, how to use the app, pros & cons, its benefits, and a step-by-step guide to download and install the latest version of the mod apk with premium unlocked of the Viggle Ai App.

So, Download the Viggle Ai APK from above, and Unleash your creativity using image characters to transform into any motion video you want using its powerful JST-1 model.